Paint pot problem, no color


Whenever i try to pick a color from the tool bar, it does not work…
The paint pot change into pipette automatically. I can put not color at all.
Can you please help me with this problem ?


What operating system? Your profile is incomplete.

What “toolbar”? Do you mean the Materials panel?

What exactly are you doing to pick the color?


Also, what view mode are you in? If you are in Hidden Line, for example, all surfaces will appear the same, regardless of Paint Bucket use.


Pipette mean eyedropper, and you would get that symptom if the Alt key was pressed. Make sure it’s not pressed, or perhaps press then release both Alt keys, that may clear up the problem.

It’s a Windows system of some sort, no Mac user would write “64 bit” as their OS type.

BTW, the symptom happens even in Hidden Line, or any other Face mode.


The Alt key can get stuck because of a faulty keyboard or if you have toggled on some of the “helpful” Windows accessibility features like Sticky Keys.


When i choose the paint bucket on the materials panel, the mouse turns into the eyedropper automatically.
I try to press Alt key, no change.
When I press down the Alt key the eyedropper change into the paint bucket but as soon as I drop the Alt key the eyedropper come again.
All other tools are working all right.

It’s a Windows system.
The view mode is shaded and texture.

I could say my keyboard is not defective, it works properly, this problem has appeared overnight, I may be doing a wrong manipulation with the keyboard without realizing it. Do you know how can I know if I switched to other features?


You might have Sticky Keys or one of the other options turned on
Check your Ease of Access settings. The default setup has things that are turned on when shortcut keys have been pressed.