Paintbucket tool sticking on Eyedropper

Annoying workflow interuption: Recently when I use the Paintbucket tool (B), hit Alt to toggle the Eyedropper to chose a Material from the model, it ‘sticks’ on the eyedropper mode; doesn’t release & and return to the Paintbucket. So instead of painting the Material I just selected on the surface which I next click, it chooses the Material I’m aiming to change! I have to click out in the ‘sky’ to get it back to the Bucket.
I’m using SketchU Pro 2021 Version 21.1.332 64-bit on a PC.
Anyone else having this trouble, or know a solution?

I’m not seeing that issue on my PC. Make sure you installed SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator.

There has been recent changes to how the tool modifier behaves but at least in theory it should be possible to keep using them the old way.

Would it be possible to make a screen recording, or film the screen when you see this? Maybe this has to do with how long you press the key and such things that differ from person to person.


I am experiencing the same problem, and it’s related to the latest versions of Sketchup (at least SketchupPro 2021 Version 21.1.299 and up). I am running Sketchup on two different computers, one at home and one at work. I am experiencing this bug at work with the 299 version but not at home with older version. I recently upgraded Sketchup on my home computer to 332, and now I am experiencing the same bug there.

As stated, it’s very frustrating and interruptive. I toggle eyedropper by pressing [Alt]. Sometimes it switches back to paintbucket at release, and sometimes it sticks to eyedropper after release. I then have to click [Alt] one more time to toggle back to paintbucket.

@eneroth3 : I use paintbucket/eyedropper for UV mapping textures along curves, and the [Alt] click and mouse left-click is very quick and coordinated, so no long-press. Imagine a horisontal curve comprised of vertical faces. Then I turn on hidden geometry, paste a texture on the left most face. Then [Alt] + leftclick to copy - next quicly move cursor to next face while [Alt] release and quickly left click to paste then [Alt] + leftclick to copy etc.

Please look into this one Sketchup.

I experience this too intermittently although it’s not as bad now with 21.1.332.

If I sample 2 different materials back and forth the sample tool sticks after say 20 or so attempts. The material changes in the material tab so it has been a positive click but the sampler remains active.

This is logged internally as SKOR-15284 (SU-49778).

We thought this was already fixed, but in large models where there is a subtle lag, the sampling isn’t disabled at the same time the cursor changes back.

Thanks all for reporting!

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Thank you. This is an issue for me as well. I did get it temporarily fixed if I remapped the shortcuts for the Paint Bucket (not the eye dropper) but it did return. The larger the model the it happens.
Daniel Tal

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