Paint bucket not reverting to paint function after using material picker

When I use the paint bucket tool and then click alt to temporarily use the picker tool, SU does not automatically return to the paint bucket function after I select a material. There is a delay and I have to select the paint bucket again. The system gets stuck on the picker where it used to work temporarily just to select a new material. It works properly on a new model, but not for a model with lots of materials. I never experienced this before the latest 2021 update.

I (and others) have a major problem with this ‘feature’ too, its being discussed here: Turn off new toggles

I’m not sure if it is the “same” problem as the sticky toggles, since according to the release-notes

#### Paint Bucket

All Paint Bucket modifiers – Sample, Paint All Matching, Paint All Connected, and Paint All on Same Object – are now toggles. However, the Sample modifier still switches back to the Paint Bucket tool after one use. The other modifiers persist. Similar to the Eraser tool modifiers, the Paint Bucket modifiers will still work by pressing-and-holding a modifier key.

:thinking: However, it cannot be ruled out that the error may be linked to “buggy” implementation…

Thanks. This seems to be related to the new toggles and I reviewed the post on that. This is killing my workflow after ten+ years of using SketchUp the old way.

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I guess, that the dev team is trying to get a solution, for both two kind of users:

  • a) who like then new toggles ( e.g.: me)
  • b) who do not like the new toggles ( seems to be more than a) )

Check in the Help menu to see which version of SketchUp you are using. If it doesn’t say 21.1.299, then it’s an earlier version. With 21.1.299 the paint bucket was changed so that working in the older way should let you hold down Alt to sample a material, and it will return to the paint bucket after that.

A short press of Alt toggles the sample feature and leaves it on. A long press makes it behave as before.

@colin I’m on 299 and the PB Sampler is sticking ~50% of the time, it’s very unpredictable, I can sample the same mat repeatedly and it’ll stick/not stick.
I didn’t even notice that an attempt had been made to fix it in the 299 release it’s still that bad.

What Dave says would be reliable. I imagine it’s possible to press Alt for long enough that it would have still worked in the past, but short enough to seem like you are intending to tap into persistent mode. Does it work if you press Alt, mouse over and click on the face, then release Alt? That is, Alt was held at the time of the mouse click.

I’m experiencing the same as Paul with v299 but it sticks more like 1:5 times for me.

I wondered if it might just be from a non-positive mouse click but it’s repeatable and i can see the material changing every time.

Same here. I encounter this behaviour for years now. Totally annoying. I have to hit the M-key or the Escape-key 10 to 20 times but it always switches back to paint bucket. If I choose a drawing toll this doesn’t happen.

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I am on 21.1.332 and the short press is not a great solution for me.
Sometimes I am just fast enough to keep the pick tool on and its very annoying.
Any better solutions on this yet?

21.1.332 is the latest release so no. No changes yet.

I’m not really seeing a problem. A short press of Alt changes the Paint Bucket to the Eye Dropper and after clicking on a material in the model it switches back to the Paint bucket. A double press of Alt escapes sampling and goes back to the Paint Bucket.

I understand the mechanics. I just sometimes hit alt and hold for too short of a time so it doesn’t behave like I am expecting. It seems like I will have to get use to it.
I don’t really see a problem with the old way to work so why change it?
Why would I want to keep the pick tool on? I think its used mostly just before applying a material to another face without have to find it on the materials panel.

It should only stay on until you’ve sampled the material. At least that’s the way it works here.

A bug has been filed for this Turn off new toggles - #96 by ene_su

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