Material Picker changes the default color of material

Hello all,

I am facing a trouble with my material picker. When I switch to bucket tool and pres ALT. The material picker is activated.

But when I pick up a material. The default color changes to something else and then I have to press “Reset color” everytime. This is getting frustrating as all my material gets modified

What do you mean by the default color? Where do you see it change? Is the color you pick not properly loaded into the paint tool and ready to apply? When you re-apply do you not get the color you expected? Which eye dropper are you using, the in model sampler or the anywhere on the screen sampler?

Appreciate your quick reply. Please seee the video

  • I start the bucket tool
  • Bucket Tool + Alt key activates the picker and then I am able to pick the material
  • Aftr applying it to floor and again undoing it. Now when i pick up material it changes th color or material and then I have to press on “Reset color”

I have shared video for your reference

right now you’re not picking a material to then use it to paint.

you’re in the “edit material mode”. meaning it’s already selected, in the material panel, then you went to the edit tab (or double clicked on it). When using the eyedropper, you’re not selecting the material you want to use, you’re telling sketchup your current material should change its colour.

simply go back to the selection tab. leave the edit one, it’s here to edit a material.

the only reason you have to go to the edit tab is to change things about the current material like it’s colour or the file it’s linked to.

if you simply want to pick and apply materials, stay in select tab.


Thank you so much for this! Cheers

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