Eyedropper "selects" a colour and then paints the wrong colour

Hexagon A July 8.skp (1008.6 KB)

See attached MP4 file & SKP file.

I’m using SketchUp 2024. I have 2 problems with the Color Picker: 1. I click the eyedropper on one color & the paint can then paints a similar but noticably different color.
2. I clicked on the beams. The beams did not change color but the face did.

Please help.

Peter Enns

Are the beam and face part of the same group/component?

Because if so, you’ve just painted the group which colours any default materials only


Adam is correct. You are applying the material to the component so any faces or components that haven’t already got materials applied with show that material.

Before you apply the material, open the object until you can select the faces that you want to paint. You did that with the brown beam. Be consistent in your modeling. Look at Entity Info. It shows the material applied to the selection. The white and blue swatch indicates the default material.


I don’t think that explains why I select the colour with the eyedropper and then paint an object with a slightly different colour. The 2 colours are so different that they will definitely be noticable to the person who is hiring me.

Peter Enns

I’m guessing you are using the MacOs RGB eye dropper which samples the colour of a pixel on screen , this could even be from an icon or something outside of SketchUp. (This is all through the lens of MacOs and also any applied lighting from your scene).

Press B to get the paint bucket , then press the CMD key to get the picker - use this one instead .

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As Adam wrote, you’re not using the correct eyedropper. Do as he directed.