SketchUp 2021 Paint Bucket Dropper Not Working Properly

Has anyone else had this issue using the paint bucket dropper tool not working like it used to in previous SketchUp versions? Normally, you can click the paint bucket tool, hold the alt key (to turn it into a dropper), suck up the material, then apply it to another face. But instead, it sucks up the material of the 2nd face you try to apply the new material on. It is extremely frustrating and wish there was a fix as it takes me 3 times every time I do this. I have been working in SketchUp over the past 7 years and have only noticed this happening in the 2021 version.

It works fine for me in the latest version of 2021. Don’t hold the Alt key. Press and release.

See the release notes about the changes to the modifier key action.

It’s always a good idea to go through the release notes when you install a new version of a program.

There is also a bug in the new toggle where it will sometimes stick after you have toggled it off. So make sure you are understanding the new version Dave has explained before seeing it as a bug.

Thanks for the quick reply guys! Yes, that did it. Just press alt without holding down like in previous versions. You made my day!!

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