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Follow-up to fe.golzio March 8, 2016

Hi All,
I would like to also request the addition of the existing Sample Paint (Eyedropper) tool from the Materials tray be added to the Tools Menu (under Paint Brush) and allow, more importantly, a shortcut to be assigned in Sketchup Preferences.

In my workflow, On a particular project I reuse the same Materials over and over after I set a palette of materials for the project. The availability of a Sample Paint shortcut would substitute one Shortcut keystroke for: a Shortcut (Paint Bucket) keystroke & diverting my attention from the geometry I am working on & a mouse click (to select the Sample Paint icon) from the Materials tray & moving back to my geometry.

Thanks you for your consideration of this request.
Best, Alan


Hi. Are you aware that Sample Paint/Eyedropper is assigned to ALT key when you have the Paint Bucket selected?

Speaking in UXI terms, Eyedropper is not a “tool” on its own to be added to the Tools Menu, where the Paint Bucket is. It’s rather an extension of the Paint Bucket which puts it under the Materials panel. But you can hold ALT in any case to bring it up quickly.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Actually if you pay attention to the help text on the status bar, it tells you what the mode modifiers are for each tool when they are active.

So, all you need to do is press B, and then hold down the ALT key to sample any material in the model view, let up when the current material is set as you wish, and paint away as many objects as desired.


Thank you both very much.
Greatly appreciated.


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