Paint Issues

Good afternoon. First of all I am new to using SketchUp. I have searched the forum and looked online and can’t seem to figure out what I am doing wrong. I have created a small backyard patio mockup. For some reason I can’t seem to paint (apply color) to the different patios/beds and so on. As you can see I can add it to the steps and one circular patio but not the other areas. Any assistance would be appreciated.
ThanksBackyard.skp (313.1 KB)

You can’t paint the parts because there is no face to paint. The faces do not form because of small inaccuracies in your modelling. On one part, your edges do not form closed loops, and they are not perfectly flat.
For instance:

I would start with a big rectangle, and then add all the features on top of it. In that way the things you add will snap more easily on the same plane.

Thank you very much for the insight. I will do exactly that.

Also be advised that edges will stick to each other and break each other unless you gather them into a group or component. That can cause issues when you edit the model, as altering one edge will affect the others that interact with it. In your model so far, there are no groups or components. If that is gibberish to you, please study some of the training available at

Thanks again. I have been able to work with the objects and have grouped a few together. I do still have two areas that I can’t paint. Is there a way to connect the two circular patios together? I have tried arcs? I have even tried straight lines.
Any suggestions?
Backyard.skp (522.1 KB)

As @slbaumgartner says, go watch the training videos.

Pay attention to what the inference tooltips say when you add edges. The edges connecting the two circles miss their targets by a very small fraction of an inch, and they are not on plane.

Now, too, the other circle is inside a group and the one with the stairs is raw geometry. The edges that are within a group do not form faces with edges that are outside it or within another object.