Bucket paint tool does not respect the area to be painted

Hello everbody. I have some months using sketchup pro (16.0.19912 64 bit) and can say that it is incredible stable, it will never crash and close, at least with my windows 7 64B/

Mayor and maybe unique problem was when coloring my stuff, oh hell, there;s when I got mad, because for examp;e, I tried to paint a circle, and it ends coloring the whole work, which means that circle is not completely one unique piece, then hows possible creating a bad circle, its like, I had to move something before so this does not happen? Circle has about 25 pieces, is there a way where I put a right number that avoid all this problem? this is critic, it will mess your work and never create it just as you really wanted, if soft makes me to do ir different so there’s a very annoying problem present, I can not agree with it being ok then. Tell me the trick so next time I do it right or tell me if that’s actually a glitch? Thanks so much.

Please upload a sample SketchUp file that illustrates the problem. Without it, we’ll only be guessing at what the real problem is.

Very likely the circle is inside a group or component and you are painting the group wrapper instead of painting the face of the circle. If that’s the case, you need to open the group or component for editing before painting.

Thanks for fast reply. Here I made an exmple with 2 shoots, first I point the area the I am going to paint of blue color. seconds picture show how it looks after I painted the zone, it changes reflection effects if I move camera, but it never lose the color, al remain just like that until I remove it.

the red arrows says where I am going to paint, then second pic shows how bad it is painted.

Share the SketchUp file itself, please.

From the screen shots it appears you have what is known as z-fighting. Two faces overlapping. So it’s not a glitch. Rather it is due to the way you created the model. It can be fixed by removing one of the overlapping faces.

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Oh, I understand! once I have the second scenario where the blue shadow is, I have to select the blue mark, and erase it, next time the bucket will completely fill the area. I dont know how y prepared first case, at least now I know how to fix it. Thanks.

That’s good.

In general it is best to avoid creating overlapping faces like your screen shots show. Make clean models and you will find you don’t have as many problems.

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