How to use paint bucket tool

I’m new to SU. I’ve created a 2D floor plan of a house (attached), but I’m having trouble filling in the walls black. The paint bucket only works where it is blue…and I don’t know how to make other parts of the plan blue again so I can paint them. I created this on the web version and then opened it up through the SU Pro Version when I bought the licence - no change.
If anyone can help, I’d be most obliged.
Kind regards, cja
Module 5 Lighting .skp (2.8 MB)

No need to. The ‘Paint Bucket’ works on faces, blue (back) and white (front), or any color. Or on entire objects (groups or components).

Hmm. Any idea why its not working then? when I hover over the blue part the paint bucket has a little circle at the end of the paint splash, but where it isn’t blue the circle disappears and I can’t colour the area.

You can only apply paint to faces, or groups, or component instances that contain faces. Only the white and blue parts of your model are faces. The ones that show the background color are where faces failed to form for one reason or another. There are various reasons why faces may fail to form, for example gaps in the tentative outline of the face, edges that are not coplanar. Sometimes you can cause SketchUp to fill a face by tracing one of the existing edges. Other times you have to find and correct the flaw.

Edit: due to some of the flaws, I’m guessing you imported things like the sofa and 48" table from CAD. For example, the lines representing the seats of the chairs at the table don’t meet the table, nor do they have their own line to close the end, so they won’t form faces. This flaw is common when a model is imported from CAD because CAD has real, exact circles whereas SketchUp approximates circles with polygons. Edges that met a circle in CAD may fall short of or pass through SketchUp’s polygon approximation.

Sorry to say, this model is a hot mess. I spent a few minutes working on fixes but there is so much going on here. You have a random bed placed 8276790 mm away from the origin, which makes the model behave awkwardly. As noted above sketch-up will only paint faces, and you have very few faces here mostly you have a collection of lines, what we would call a wireframe. It’s not an easy fix, there are may tiny missing lines where edges do not connect which need to be hunted down, whats more you have raw geometry placed on different layers/tags, this makes the model very hard to trouble shoot. All geometry should be drawn on layer/tag 0 and only groups and components should be given other tags. There are reversed faces, lines not on axis, It’s clear you could benefit from studying the fundamental of how Sketchup works. Do you have access to the original CAD file? It might be best to start over by re-importing and starting over.

Hi all, thanks sooo much for your advice. Sorry about the delayed reply I was away camping. I think you are right that I will need to start again, and probably learn a bit about the fundamentals…I can’t send an original file because I sketched this one from scratch. I have learnt a lot from my hot mess though! Thanks again.