The paint bucket tool doesn't work/populate when applied to a component

The paint bucket tool doesn’t work/populate when applied to a component. It works, on the entity before I create the component, and then it disappears once the component is created.

Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.

Are you still using SketcfhUp 2021?

No, SketchupPro Version 23.1.341

It looks like it only happens when I am trying to create the component on the floor plan (like inside the exterior walls), but if I do it outside the walls of the floor plan, it works fine.
3_Ruby_Floor_Plan.skp (89.4 KB)

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You’ve got Z-fighting which creates problems. Multiple faces in the exact location. Your graphics card can’t decide which face is supposed to be in front of the other.

Make the objects 3D so the top face of the shelf is above the floor level.

Ok thank you. I only ever draw in 2D. Any quick tips?

Use a 2D drawing application instead of a 3D modeling application.

If you insist in drawing in 2D in SketchUp, delete the faces for the floor so you you don’t create the z-fighting in the first place.

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