Paint not covering & sometimes has the wrong color!

I am a bit confused. Some of the surfaces in my model won’t seem to accept paint. On another part I have a previous colour and not the one I apply although the entity info shows the applied colour yet the image is another colour that I may have applied previously. Any ideas anyone?

Sounds like you have some faces painted within the edit context of a group and you are trying to add colour from outside.
Upload a sample model so we can see what is happening.

Hi OK, How do I do that?

Drag and drop a file less than 3mb into the message window where you are typing.

The file size is 4,173 Kb I take it that it is too big?

Have you purged the file.
Go Window/Model info/Statistics and hit the purge unused button. Then save and see how big it is.

Did that and that is the size.

So upload it to the warehouse or dropbox etc and post a link to it here.

Uploaded to dropbox. link is

Link is wrong.

Sorry hope this is correct.

Hi Box was this OK? Did I do it right? Ant

Link is good

Thank you. Still a newbie at this.

Sorry I went to bed before you gave the good link. Now I’m only on my phone so can’t look at it. Hopefully someone else will jump in and see what your issue is.

I’ve downloaded your model and can see you’ve applied some colours and textures. I don’t know which parts you’re having problems with.

Your problem is probably this:

Can you share a screenshot highlighting the faces you’re having trouble with?

Hi I don’t know if this works! Example the white wall on the far side won’t take paint to match the other walls. The window sills have a yellow strip & I can’t get them to go the same orange as the sill. Thank you for your interest.

Thank you to those who responded. Managed to sort it out.

And I was only an hour or so away from getting to my PC to have a look.
Can you tell us what the issue was so future readers of the thread will get the benefit of you solution.

I think what I had done was to previously colour the whole group by triple clicking the group. Then what I think happened was the back faces of the wall were coloured & was bleeding through. When I made a section cut I could see that the back faces were painted so I painted them all white. I also think there was a line missing between the sill and the wall and when coloured it caused some colour conflict and the colours seemed to bleed out. May not be quite as described but might make sense to those in the know. Anyway it seems to have worked,. The colours look right now.