Back to newbie status - why can't I get paint color added to some walls?

After carefully organizing groups in the “overview” I find I have zero controls to edit.

This is only the foundation walls of building. I grouped each wall North, South, etc.
One the interior of the walls, I grouped them Int North, Int South, etc. Some walls are broken into rooms on the interior, needing different materials.

Under no circumstance can I edit a group. Even exploding and then adding color will not add the color on some walls.

Sounds like a Face Style setting. Do you have the Face Style set to Monochrome? Or Hidden Line? Textures won’t be displayed with either of those options.

The hierarchy of your model isn’t 100% clear to me. Are these issues related to nested components?
Exploding nested coponents and regrouping makes them nested components with their faces painted with the original nested component’s texture. So now painting the nested component will not reveal any changes in what you paint. The internal (inside nested components) faces will overrule the outcome on screen.

The best option for you would be to share your file here, so someone may have a look.

Have you completed all of our Fundamentals lessons on SketchUp Campus yet?

FWIW, I did a screensharing session with Chris last evening. The reason she couldn’t change the material is that she was trying to apply the new material to a group that contained an already painted face. Opening the group for editing sorted that out.

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Sorry. I would have reported as soon as I had finished but I was late to take my bride out for dinner for our 25th anniversary. I figured Chris would chime in.

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What’s all this about? There seems to be some tPR issues here. Have I inadvertently embarrassed someone? If so, I deeply regret it, and would like to make amends.