Creating groups within a group


My architect sent me the model for our home. He created all the walls in one group so I cant put paint and floors etc in one room - it carries it throughout - do I need to trace the walls and make a new layer so I can group accordingly or is there an easier way and Im missing something?

You should be opening the groups for editing to paint the faces inside. You shouldn’t apply the materials to the group containers.

oh right! I feel so silly! I guess this will work then. I uploaded a screen shot but it seems I can select the faces. Sorry…

You need to open the group for editing first. Double click on it with the Select tool. You should be able to select individual faces, then. If you can’t, the group is probably nested and will require more double clicking to drill in to the faces and edges.

@DaveR when I open the group for editing though and load in the floor, it jumps me out of the group - why is this?

I’m not sure what you mean by that. From your screen shot it appears that the walls are grouped separately from the floor. You can only have one group open for editing at any one time. And when you open a group for editing, the materials outside of the group will fade to simple colors. This is expected behavior.

@DaveR thank you. I think I’ve figured out the issue - the floor is grouped throughout separately to walls as you say but I’m unable to select the floor in one room as it’s part of the wider full ground floor group. IHow do I separate this so I can add different flooring to each room? I cant seem to select a face like I can with the walls. Thanks for your help

Open the floor group for editing and draw lines on the surface to delineate the different rooms. Then you can paint those faces separately.

thanks a mill Dave!

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it worked! thanks!

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