Edit group, Other groups Disappear

I am modeling a home. I have constructed the house in groups and layers from foundation to roof. I have decided to move my floor plan do to changes in my walls. I would like to edit my floor group using my wall group as a guide. When I select my floor, the walls disappear. I can leave the wall group there by exploding the floor group, but then I must rename and re assign the layer. Is there a better way to edit a group leaving other groups visible for reference? Thanks for any advice!

Sounds like you have the “Hide Rest of Model” option selected which hides everything when you click into a group. You can turn this off by going to View >Component Edit > Hide Rest of Model

Additionally, if you click out of the group you are editing the rest of the model should reappear.

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Thank you, you are awesome. I have been using Sketchup for quite a while, and it is always a simple setting that throws a wrench in my workflow. Thanks again ad_1011 !

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See this SketchUp Skill Builder turtorial…

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