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Hey Guys,

I have been trying to figureout how to change the color of a group of components so the entire group changes to the same color. If you look at the attached photo (Figure A) you can see that I have made a copy of a roof model I made. Each individual solar module is a component, and the entire array is a group, which is put onto the roof and grouped again… you get the idea. If you take a look at Figure B this is what it looks like when I export it to LayOut. As you can see I am using the roof to display measurements for the design, however I would like the entire roof and the solar array to be colored white! When I attempt to color it in Sketch Up it does not allow me to color the entire thing white unless I ungroup and explode (multiple times) every group and component down to its base elements. Then I can highlight everything and turn it white (see Figure C). This is very time consuming and tedious and takes way to long to do it for every design.

Is there a way to quickly change the entire group to the color white?

P.S. if you look at Figure D, I figured out that you can make everything turn white by adjusting the settings the the style menu like this, however, the solar modules are left un changed and I cannot figure out why.

Sorry the photos didnt upload in order!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Difficult to help without being able to see anything. If the images are too big (there is a 3MB limit here), either reduce the resolution or upload them to an online folder and give a link.

In general, if you open a component, Select All, and then paint, all surfaces should take on the new paint colour.


You can use View->Faces->Monochrome, provided that your faces are correctly orientated.

You are talking about a layout and since you are using SketchUp for your business, you should be using Pro anyway and have acces to LayOut, were these kind of outputs are easily made.


@cincitygialam, apparently you already made a copy of the entire roof group with all its nested components/groups in it.
FAIK there is a plugin that can be applied to dive into the nested groups and components and go through all entities inside them to put them back on Layer0. I guess it also digs through the entire group and subgroups to let you assign the default material to all its basic entities.
Is it a plugin made by TIG? Anyone?


In the Material panel, You can remove all materials in one go, all faces will regain the default color, no matter how deep nested.
With the style option, the materials are still there, but not displayed


True, but I was thinking about a “single” operation on the roof group selection rather then on the model. Removing the layers is an operation on the model as a whole. But yes, one could temporarily copy the roof group to a new SketchUp instance as a workaround, to then perform the operation.


Thomthom’s Material tools will remove all materials from a selection, no matter the nesting.

The thing you need to understand is that there is a type of hierarchy for materials overriding others.
Anything painted on a face will override anything painted on a group or component. This can be very useful, for example you can properly texture all the wood parts of a chair component by adding the textures while in edit mode, but you can then change the seat cushion colour by painting from outside the component. This allows you to have multiple chair components with different seat colours but uniform wood textures.


Thanks for the link to that plugin! Thought it was made by TIG.


"Fredo’s thru paint" and maybe TT’s “material replacer” ?