Painting groups and components without going into them



I need to turn all my components and groups to white, and leave two in full colour. I have found that its impossible to paint the outside of the group, if there are nested groups inside that have colours assigned to them. This makes the job almost endless.

I used to use the plugin Greyscale by JF, which allowed me copy the two components out of the model, paint the whole thing, then copy paste the two full colour components back in - job done. Now in 2017 version, for some reason when i bring the two components back in, it turns them into white too.

Does anyone know of another plugin that allows me to choose a colour and paint the outside of groups, avoiding all that ants work of opening them all up?


Why don’t you select those 2 and make them unique? That would be a workaround.

Also, a week ago @DaveR provided a good explanation about this topic:


ThruPaint from the FredoTools can do this…


Thanks! i will try it


Thanks for your help Vahe :slight_smile: