Trying to change the color of the entire group of components to white!


Hey Guys,

I have been trying to figure out how to change the color of a group of components so the entire group changes to the same color. If you look at the attached photo (Figure A) you can see that I have made a copy of a roof model I made. Each individual solar module is a component, and the entire array is a group, which is put onto the roof and grouped again… you get the idea. If you take a look at Figure B this is what it looks like when I export it to LayOut. As you can see I am using the roof to display measurements for the design, however I would like the entire roof and the solar array to be colored white! When I attempt to color it in Sketch Up it does not allow me to color the entire thing white unless I ungroup and explode (multiple times) every group and component down to its base elements. Then I can highlight everything and turn it white (see Figure C). This is very time consuming and tedious and takes way to long to do it for every design.

Is there a way to quickly change the entire group to the color white?

P.S. if you look at Figure D, I figured out that you can make everything turn white by adjusting the settings the the style menu like this, however, the solar modules are left un changed and I cannot figure out why.

Sorry the photos didnt upload in order!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Uploading the SKP file would help us help you.

WAG: It looks to me as if the solar panels might be an image instead of a texture. If that’s the case, you could explode the image so it becomes a texture. Then you can replace it with plain white or you could edit the image in the built in image editor or better in whatever image editor you set up in Preferences>Applications.


Hello DaveR,

The solar modules are components I created with a JPG image saved into the component. Its easier then building the modules for every job we design and coloring them with a texture.

How can you change an image into a texture? Ive uploaded the SKP file as well.

Thanks! Richard Sketch Up (both).skp (584.5 KB)


Drill down through the components and groups. You have an awful lot of nesting so you might want to just get to the image in Outliner. Then right click on the image and choose Explode. The image will become a texture which you can then edit in the built in editor or better, edit in your favorite image editor which you can access by right clicking on the texture image in the Colors window and selecting the Edit option. You need to set up the image editor installed on your computer as the default in Preferences>Applications, first.

I guess if I’d been making the solar panel component, I would have imported the image as a texture in the first place so it would be easier to deal with.



I would suggest going to face style and selecting monochrome and making that a scene. Automatically makes everything appear clean and white, perfect for layout. You turn it off when you need to see textures.