Changing colour on multiple groups brought in by Revit

Hi All,

Can you help me? I have just imported a house from a Revit file and it has imported in as groups, not components it has a white picket fence that is now yellow. How can I change the colour back to white without having to individually select each picket? Is this possible?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Nicola

Modify the yellow color to be white by editing it in the material browser.

OR If the yellow (for example) is on everything that should be white, you could use the Material Replacer plugin. That completely replaces all of the yellow to another chosen texture. First you paint something in the model with the desired white texture . You activate the tool, click on the yellow colored object then click on the white.

Outliner says: Component234, with the little four windows icon in front of it.
This means that the picket fence is a component with named instances.
Check the entity panel when selecting the pickets, each instance can be colored (one preview material tile) differently. Digging down deeper (opening a component) Let’s you change the definition for all instances eg. Painting all faces yellow)

How did you import it? What importer? Can you share the file?

Hi All,

Thanks for both of you getting back to me so quickly. I managed to replace the colour in the materials browser and thanks for replacer plugin I’ll also now know to give that a go in the future.

Cheers Nicola

The problem with Revit exports (either DWG or IFC) is that every wall, door, window and picket in the fence is a unique component, there is no instancing.

Yes, that’s why I was curious, the screenshot implied different instances, but the dialog window is probably to small…