How to change the primary colour of a component/group?



I might be asking something quite simple here but I can’t figure out how to quickly change a group or components primary colour with a couple of clicks. For example if I have a cabinet that has blue in it as a majority with a white frame around the edge. Is there a quicker way to changing just the blue to green with a few clicks?

I have a item I’d like to render in a different colour but it has a lot of round edges and it would be very time consuming to change the colour of it by individually changing each face.

Much appreciated if someone could help!


SketchUp User Guide


Open the component for Edit. Right click on any blue face and choose Select>All with same material.
Select Green in the Materials Browser and paint any selected face.


Ahhhh! Thank you very much!


You can also paint the group or component as a whole, excepting those faces individually painted, and SketchUp will render any nested face that has not been individually painted with the parent material.

UNpainted faces are said to have the “default” color (which is really “nil”.)


With the group/component open, and the ‘In Model’ material browser also open, right click on the desired material in the browser > choose ‘Select’ to select all faces in the current drawing context with that color or texture. Then select the material of your choice and paint one of all the selected faces with that new material.


Thank you. That’s brilliant.


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