Change colour to "By default" for all groups

Hi everyone,

It’s been now couple of years now that I’m struggling with an issue in SU. For my work, I often import DWG 3D model or models from the Warehouse in SU. These models are composed of several groups or components with different colours and sometime faces colours.

Is there a way in SU or an Extension capable of changing all colour set up to “By Default” for all groups and components of a main group?

My goal is to be able to paint the main group with one colour and it apply to all groups and comp.

The only way I found to achieve this is by going inside all G & C, Select all faces and lines, changing their colour to “By Default”. But sometimes, I’ve got more than 100 groups which make all these clics tiering and time consuming…

Hope I’m clear in my description of my issue ^^ and thanks in advance for your answers !

Thomthom’s Material Tools will remove all material from the model or a selection with a couple of clicks, then you can apply whatever you want.

Thanks for the quick answer !
This extension seems working well in ma case. I will run couple of test to be sure.

Instead, using native tools only, open the downloaded or imported object into a new file, then delete all non-default materials from the Materials window, then purge the file.