Can I Change The Default Color To Model Everything I Create With A Particular Material?

Hi! First post and I have searched but cannot seem to find my answer.

I model the framing of houses, and as such most everything I create is lumber- 2x4’s on up to 2x12’s. So after I model one of those, I paint it using the “Pine” material in the Wood category. Since 90% of my model looks like this, I would like to make some type of preference change, to not only the current model I am working on, but how SU behaves, so that I don’t have to make this change in my current model, but also in every new model I start.

Iow, everything I model would already be painted with the Pine material. But I would also still retain the ability to paint with other materials, since not everything in my model appears as a stick of lumber (concrete, steel, plywood, etc.)

Can this be done? I’m using SU 2018 Pro.
Thank You!

Model everything with default material. Then group items of similar material and just paint the single group. (or use components) Everything inside with the default material will show the parent group’s material. Or assign the group a tag, and change the color of the tag to your preference.

Yep. I already do that. My models get pretty complex, with several layers of hierarchy, so it’s not always convenient to group items together under that one material.

Edit: Actually, you did just teach me something. I thought I had to go into a group to paint it, yet it turns out that all I have to do is select the group to do so. So Thank You!

If it’s not possible to change the default color, I think what I’m going to start doing is building a collection of components that I regularly use, and set them off to the side of my model, not unlike a pile of lumber, and when I need a new part, just pull from them. At least that way they’ll all be “painted.”

But thanks for your answer!

Every time I do a new model, I find ways of working faster, which at this point is my goal, if I’m ever going to be able to convince builders it’s in their best interest to hire me to model an entire house. Or at least the complicated parts.

Start SketchUp (SU).

Then, draw any geometry and paint it with your favourite wood texture.

Delete the geometry.

Save as a Template giving it a meaningful name like “Wood structure” or whatever suits you…

Then, after starting SU, choose that template. When you choose the Paint Bucket Tool, you will have your chosen texture available in the dialog window.

Even better, when saving as a texture, check the box to make this texture your default one.

Even much better, draw your lumber beans (2x3, 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, 2x12, etc) or any other required pieces like engineered lumbers, plywood sheets, etc. Make individual components with each one

Save that file as a template.

Then when you start SU you immediately save the file with its proper name and you have all the required parts available to assemble something.

You can use either the Move tool or the Push/Pull tool to lengthen or shorten the beams or the sheets. Make the unique so you don’t change the sample parts.

You can change the default face color (but not texture), in Styles, select Face Settings and then Front Color. In my presentations I default to white, in editing I use a yellow that works well with edges color by axis w/blue for backside.

Otherwise create a single group for all modeling, paint that group with the Pine material and just work inside that.