Why can't I edit or explode one of my groups?

Arggh! I’ve researched for hours how to fix this. I can not edit the basement group. The first floor group works as advertised. What is up with the basement? Thank you in advance.

mjlevelsgrouped.skp (288.1 KB)

For some reason you have deeply nested the geometry in group after group.

You have to get down to open the lowest level group before you can edit the geometry. You could explode all but one of those groups.

You also have a lot of reversed faces (the blue ones) in your first floor group that need to be fixed.

Exploded it, made a new component, works again. :man_shrugging:

You also might want to check your face orientations, theres a buuunch of reversed faces in that model.

You need to look at layering too.


Alright, I fixed the group edit problem. Thank you for the tip with the outliner. Crazy me, I thought the walls should be blue! I’m guessing it’s because I layed out the floor plan on the floor and then pulled the walls up. So I should reverse both sides of all the walls until they are white? Should the top face be white also?

Yes, you should reverse the faces so you only see white.

You can avoid the reversed faces from the get go if you first draw the exterior outline rectangle and extrude it to give it thickness. Then layout the walls on the top face. Or, delete the floor faces before extruding the walls.

OK. Thanks again.

You’re quite welcome.

Do take heed of Box’s remarks about layer usage. Remember that all edges and faces should be associated with Layer 0. Leave the little pencil icon set to Layer 0 always. It’s also important to understand that if you explode a group that has had a different layer assigned to it, the contents of the group will take that layer assignment. So if you explode a group to base geometry, those edges and faces will get the former group’s layer. The ticket is immediately after exploding, while the geometry is still selected, go to Entity Info and change the layer assignment to Layer 0.

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I think I fixed the layers (I exploded to base and then selected the correct layer and then regrouped) but I can’t figure out why the basement walls are showing through to the first floor. Also is it a problem that the underside of the first floor shows hollow areas where I pulled the walls up.mjlevelsgrouped2.skp (284.6 KB)

I just watched another video. I think I did the layers wrong. Only the group is assigned to a particular layer…not the entities within the group and the layer. They should be fixed in the attached. However the basement ceiling showing through to the first floor is still happening. mjlevelsgrouped3.skp (284.9 KB)

That’s the right way.

That’s because the first floor has no thickness in your model.

Amazing. Thanks again. So simple but yet so complicated!

Once you get the hang of it you’ll just think it’s simple. :wink:

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I sent you a PM.

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