How to unlock a first floor area for further editing

Jacobs Well 2.skp (413.9 KB)

I have tried to ungroup explode but this floor appears to be locked. I am new to Sketchup!

You can’t ungroup or unlock because there are no groups in the model - it is all loose edges and faces! You have some faces hidden, which will make it impossible to select them. Turn on View->Hidden Geometry to make them accessible.

i turned off the groups I had, trying to access parts! I’ll try this

You may also be confused about what SketchUp’s tags do. They only control visibility, color, and dash style. They do not create groups and do not isolate edges and faces against interaction with each other. Edges and faces will stick to each other and intersect with each other regardless of how their tags may have made them invisible. Groups and components are how SketchUp isolates items against interactions, not tags. Edges and faces should always be untagged. Apply tags to groups or components to control their visibility.

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No. You exploded the groups. Think of a group as a container which holes some geometry. Each distinct thing like the walls for the ground floor or for the second floor or for the roof is a group containing that geometry. That provides separation. Exploding them takes the geometry out of the containers and they become one mass. Instead of exploding you should be opening the group containers using Edit Group.