I have messed up the Layer that my group is on somehow

Messed Up.skp (146.2 KB)

Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong. I cannot seem to get the Layer in Enity Info to agree with the actual Layer the group is on.
Notice what happens to both floors when I turn off 1st Floor

The top group is a copy of the bottom group but I cannot unlink it from the Layer it was originally on, even though it is now on the 2nd floor Layer

When I turn off the 2nd floor Layer it disappears but it also disappears when I turn off 1st floor

When I uncheck the 1st floor Layer the bounding box is still there but when I uncheck the 2nd floor Layer even when I have the top group selected the bounding box also disappears.

Without looking at your model, it would appear that the geometry within the group is assigned to 1st Floor while the Group itself is assigned to 2nd Floor.
Raw geometry should never be assigned to any layer other than layer0 or Untagged as it is now known.

Thanks Box, yes that seems to be the problem. I know that rule. So, now I just need to figure out how I messed up and did that.

Did you copy a group to make the second one, then explode one and regroup it? This for example would transfer the the exploded group layer assignment to the explode geometry. A flaw/function of exploding tagged/layered objects. They take on the parent tag/layer, which can be useful but is also problematic.
If you explode anything that has been assigned a layer, while still selected reassign it to layer0.

I do remember exploding some of my groups on the original model. So that is probably what happened. I will keep that in mind from now on.