Component seems to be linked to the wrong layer

Medium House1.skp (416.2 KB) I unknowingly delete the outer walls of my second floor and so I copied my 1st floor which is very similar and then moved it in place and changed it to the appropriate layer. But now it seems to still be linked to the first layer. Part of it disappears when I uncheck the 1st floor layer even though it is on the 2nd floor layer.
Does anyone have any ideas what has happened
both layers turned on
Screenshot 2021-02-16 095556
1st floor layer turned off and 2nd floor turned on
Screenshot 2021-02-16 095530
Here is the model

model didn’t come through
Medium House1.skp (416.2 KB)

You’re using tags/layers incorrectly. ALL edges and faces should be left with Untagged/Layer 0 assigned to them. Only groups and components should get tag/layer assignments.

Screenshot - 2_16_2021 , 9_05_44 AM

Your model would make a good poster child for why edges and faces should remain as untagged/Layer 0.

I am wondering if it has something to do with the extension Layer Panel. I just made the 2nd floor into a component and saved it and opened it by itself and Layer Panel still says it is on the 1st floor layer.

I know, I made that before I learned that. But I was just working with it and lost the 2nd floor

You had a layer assigned to the geometry inside the group and while the copied group got a new layer assigned to it, the geometry didn’t.

You should have fixed it before you did anything else to the model.

Ok I will put all the edges back on Layer 0 and then assign layers. Do you think that will fix it.

If you just give Layer 0 to the geometry in each group you should be all fixed up. Note you aren’t putting stuff on layers in SketchUp. You are assigning layers to objects (groups and components).

Ok, thank you it worked with that. So I will now go back and put everything else on Layer 0

It will, if you do it right. Open each component in turn for editing, Select all inside it, then assign Layer0 to it using Entity Info. If the component itself has the correct layer assigned to it already, that should do it.

Or use a plugin to go through the model automatically to assign Layer0 to the geometry. Cleanup3 has an option to do that, or there’s another called Default Layer Geometry. Look in both the Extension Warehouse and SketchUcation Plugin Store - I can’t remember which these plugins come from.

What is “everything else”? Just open each group, select all of its geometry and change the layer assignment to Layer 0.

Again, you aren’t putting things on layers.

Thanks John,
I had forgot about using a plug-in for that. The model I showed is just the shell. The real model is much larger since it has furniture and interior wall. So using an extension will really help

That is what I meant, I just didn’t word it right