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I’ve drawn a building where everything is grouped and In layers so I can navigate the model efficiently.
My floor plan is on the Floor layer. I copied the wall lines from the floor plan, pasted outside floor group. Extruded them to wall height, grouped them and assigned them to a wall layer.
There however remains a connection between my walls and the layer they were copied from, in which even though the walls are assigned to the wall layer, when I close the floor layer they were copied from it hides the walls!
Im so confused, Ive never had an issue like this before, any help would be appreciated.


Sounds like you have a problem with the assignment of layers, it would be a good idea to upload the model here and someone might take a look.
Hit the reply button and use the 7th button from the left along the top bar to upload the SKP file. If the file is over 3mb (limit) you could upload it to dropbox and share the link to it here.

Other than that, a little info, you may not already know:
All faces and edges should be on layer 0, and layer 0 should be the Active layer at all times to make sure the faces and edges are drawn on layer 0.
The faces and edges should be either grouped or made into components. The groups and components are assigned to layers to control visibility, but the geometry within should always reside on layer 0. Breaking this fairly simple rule can lead to all sorts of problems, and confusion.


don’t do that. It sounds as though you opened the group and selected geometry in the floor group and copied it.


Feel Free to take a look, There is a similar issue with Dormer. I apologize in advance for it being so messy.
Now I am aware Of keeping work on Layer 0, but in case that happened is there any red flags to let me know?


If you made the walls into a group and assigned the wall group to the wall layer, the raw geometry may still be assigned to the floor layer.

To diagnose…
Enter into the wall group and select the raw geometry. The entity info dialogue should tell you what layer the raw geometry is assigned to. If the raw is on the floor layer, you can then reassign.

It is best practice to have raw geometry assigned to layer0.



There are extensions available such as I believe,“TIG’s Layer Watcher” that will give you a warning if you attempt to draw on a layer other than 0, available from Sketchucation. If you stick to the rules you shouldn’t need it.

So leave the active layer button on layer 0 at all times as shown:


Draw the geometry and make into groups/components,
Then use Entity Info to assign the groups/components to layers, or change layers:


Ian & Chris pointed the correct diagnosis, about geometry assigned on layer different than Layer0. To avoid this is fundamental to understand this:

1.Fase/edges or raw geometry are entities that are drawn with SU Tools, those coul be a line, circle, rectangle or even 3d form. All these entities have to be drawn on Layer0.

  1. Group and Component: these are edges/fases that have been grouped and isolated. In other word are geometry container and could be assigne a layer diffente than Layer0.

These are the rules that Ian are telling you.

To model a slab, for instance, draw a rectangle and pushpull it, then you have a 3d form, but still raw geometry. Now if you want to isolate this geometry you could group it or make it component. Once grouped, you can assing to the structure layer.

You can copy raw geometry from group/component to other group/component, but the geometry should be on Layer0.

Take a note about this behavor: when you explode a Group/component the raw geometry will inherit the group/component layer, on my example all the raw geometry will be on the structure layer.

To correct your model, you could run Geometry to Layer0 from CleanUp3 plugin from Thomthom


Your tip solved my issue. I had no Idea that the layers would be assigned differently in the raw geometry and the grouped. This enlightens me on may levels, Thanks


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