Groups will not separate on Explode

I am designing a home. I make each element into a group but when I make a change in 2 grouped elements the do not properly separate. I have made one group called “Main Floor Floor” This is a 12" thick slab the size of the house. Separately, I have a group called “Deck”. The deck was drawn remotely from the Main Floor Floor, grouped and then moved to be attached to the Main Floor Floor. I had a problem with the Main Floor Floor group, so I turned all groups except the Main Floor Floor and exploded the Main Floor Floor group. When I try to make changes, I get getting a message that the line I am trying to erase is part of the Deck group and I cannot change it. This has happened on several groups and over and over again. How do I resolve this problem.

It sounds like you have got loose geometry from the deck merged with geometry for the floor after exploding the floor group. Make sure the deck geometry is properly grouped.

Why are you exploding the floor group anyway? Better to just open the group for editing and make the changes. That will prevent the merging of the geometry with other geometry. Either right click on the group and choose Edit Group or double click on it with the Select tool. Then make your changes.

If you are using tags make sure that only groups and components are getting tagged. ALL edges and faces should be mcreated and remain untagged.

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I tried the same thing doing a group edit and got the same problem. That is why Imtried explode but nomjoy.

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.