How to explode all groups remaining solid

Hello world.
Is there any way to explode all groups remaining each solid properties?

Ex) solid : A B C D E

group [A {(B C) (D E)}] —> A B C D E

I found some rubys which explode all groups at once but they also explode solid to edges and faces.
(It makes two contacted objects sticked…)
I want to explode group to each solid while maintaining the last group of each object.
(while maintaining solid properties)

What is the best way to do this!???

Exploding the groups can be problematic especially when you have connecting geometry. Instead use Outer Shell to combine them into a single solid group.

I dont understand… I don’t want to combine them. I want to explode them into seperate each groups.

I guess it wasn’t clear in your first post. If you share your model it’ll be easier to give you direct guidance.

Select the geometry you want to include in each group and make that group.

If I understand, you want to remove the hierarchy of all the nested groups, whatever the level of nesting to bring all the groups to the root of the model.

Can you confirm my hypothesis.

Curic Flatten to Object

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yes. you were right. mihai.s gave me the answer.
Thank you.

wow. this is exactly what I want. Thank you so much.

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