Explode and recreate groups when working on floors of a house?

Hi all, I am a fairly new user here and have been playing with SketchUp for a few weeks – particularly trying to model a house I will be working on. I viewed a lot of tutorials and learned that the recommended method of working on a multi-level house plan is to separate the floors on layers, but also to group everything on that layer before adding a floor or roof. So far I have been successful, but when I go back to expand or edit different floors, it becomes a bit unwieldy when constantly remembering to double click into the group before making changes.

Is it okay to explode a group when you are actively working on that layer and then recreate the group again when you’re done? Will this have any affect on the other floors above or below that I have created?

To be completely honest, I don’t really understand why I am creating groups for each floor, but I did notice that it was nearly impossible to draw the upper floors or roof without doing so, so I believe I am doing it the right way…

Any advice or tips would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

[quote=“kanealbarron, post:1, topic:29409”]…
Is it okay to explode a group when you are actively working on that layer and then recreate the group again when you’re done?..
No, it is not okay. Especially when working with layers one needs to avoid exploding. The geometry inside the “exploding” group or component will inherite the group’s (component’s) layer which is not okay. Basic (ungrouped) geometry should always be “On” Layer0 and should remain there.
Never make any other layer the active layer then Layer0. Draw in the active Layer0!

See groups and components as chunks of geometry that form something meaningful, just like in real life. And once you need to make adjustments to that chunk, you enter the group. Don’t explode it doing that.

Only groups and components may be assigned to other layers than Layer0. To controle their visibility and thus make it possible to access other geometry behind the groups/components.
To get them out of the way, so to speak.


This all makes sense now, and I think honestly maybe it is just a matter of getting used to working within groups. I spent the last week doing just that and now it doesn’t feel so unwieldy. I also spent some time doing the thing I suggested and saw first-hand how it messed with stuff! And being able to toggle everything nicely on layers really makes the whole thing much more workable. Thank you for your response!