Problem with painting bricks

I received a sketchup-file from our architect so that we could experiment with all sorts of bricks and colors, but when I select, for example a grey brick to paint, I only get the color grey, not the bricks.

The fun fact is, if I build a house from the ground up, and I paint the walls, I do see the bricks.

Does anyone know what the problem is?

Make sure that you select a style which shows the bricks…

I checked that, and everything is as you showed.
Could it be that the architect has the wrong setting? And that the mailed file therefor couldn’t be adjusted?

You should check that setting in the file from the architect of course, it will be saved with the file.

Check the scale of the model, if it is huge the bricks will be so small they will appear as a colour.

Where can I check that?

Right click on any bit of raw geometry and choose entity info. If the area or length of whatever you have selected is significantly larger than a brick then perhaps that’s the problem.

It is indeed quite large.
But I can’t change that, so I have to speak with the architect when they return from vacation.

Thanks for the help.

You certainly can. See this Help article:
Tape Measure Tool: Scaling an Entire Model — SketchUp Help

Tape Measure Tool

Thank you Geo, that worked! I now see bricks when I paint them.