Page views

When I open Layout files where the page view has been saved as zoom extents I find that the only part of the page is visible. This happens on all of my Layout files.

I must have clicked or not clicked something that is making this happen.

Are you talking about the thumbnail views in the Pages inspector panel?

Hi Dave

The page view - zoom extents, saved, opened again and only part is visible

Are you just talking about the main window? What size is the paper? Are you still using LO2016 as indicated by your profile?

The main window.

A3 paper.

Views were effectively locked by saving in SU Layout 2016.

All return to the same zoomed in view in SU Layout 2020

There is an issue with that in LO2020. It’s been reported so hopefully we’ll see a fix soon.

Please update your profile to show the current version.