Layout 2020 - Zoom To Page

I just started using Layout 2020 and found that Zoom To Page (shift+Z) seems to have unexpected results. In LO 2019 it would have zoomed out to display a view of the entire page (normally about %50 at A3 paper size), this doesn’t seem to be the case in 2020, where Zoom To Page seems to zoom to %100 rather than fitting the entire page into view.

A workaround is to use Zoom Extents, which I’ve re-mapped my shortcut to.

Has anyone else had the same behavior?

I just tested and all works as expected.

I’d suggest checking shortcuts to be sure that SHIFT+Z is assigned to the correct menu command.

And the obligatory question: Did you install SU2020 via a right-click “Run as administrator” on teh installer ? (If not, or just to see it it helps, … exit SU and LO, rerun installer and choose the Repair option.)

Strangely running repair has now broken Zoom To Extents. Neither Zoom To Extents nor Zoom To Page actually zoom out to show the whole page. I’ll try a fresh install.

Zoom to page zooms to 100%. Zoom extents appears to zoom to show the whole page if the page is large. If it is smaller, it zooms to 100%. Neither of them seem to do what I would expect from their names.

It seems that Zoom Extents zooms to view all items on the page, so if you have a blank page it simply zooms to %100, otherwise it tries to zoom to fit. I can’t think why we’d need this but maybe someone has a use case. Zoom To Page, should fit the whole page, regardless of content but it’s still not working for me it just zooms to %100 every time.

Hi all, Zoom Extents works best when importing data that falls outside the extents of your document, but will work for most situations.

Yes dannorris you point out a bug introduced with LayOut 2020 which we callout in the release notes. We are aware and are working on a solution. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause our Windows users.



Thanks Trent. Glad it’s not just me.


Don’t forget the mac users.
I got similar problems, and also some other zooming. I did post more about here