Zoom to page in Layout 2020

In past version the “zoom to page” would adjust to the page size a file was using. In the 2020 version it seems to be set at 8x11 no matter your page size. I saw some where at the start of this version that this was been addresses, but have not heard of any changes, fix, or work around other then using the zoom to extents command.

Will this quirk be fixed on the next update?

I haven’t seen that it has been fixed, yet. I think the bug was acknowledged. I imagine the developers will fix it but right now things will be running much slower for them since they are working from home. Patience is called for.

I am one of those working from home which is why i can find time to write about this issue. Not trying to rush anybody just want to make sure this is not forgotten about.

stay safe

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We are aware of this issue and are working to get it fixed.


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Much appreciated