Zooming Pages In LO Stick To The Bottom Of The Window

I’m not sure if this is a bug report or feature request.

I used SU8 for years, and two years ago upgraded to 2021. Previously, when I zoomed in on a Layout window the page would expand and contract around my cursor. I could make the page ridiculously small and centered on my screen— useful for checking my overall layout and legibility. Then zoom in and out, again and again, and it still centered the page around my cursor.

Now when I zoom in, then out I can’t make the page leave the bottom of the Layout window. This is very frustrating, as I often leave windows a bit low so I can switch back and forth between SU and LO in the final stages of editing a design. I have to go over to the slider on the right side of the window and adjust it so it’s centered, a tedious and error prone process. And if I zoom in and out again, I have to do it all over again.

I’m not sure if this started last year or the year before. Please, make it back like it was!

LO 23.0.418
SU 23.0.418
Mac 12.7.1 Monterey

I haven’t had that issue, what happens if you hit shift+Z? Can you share the file you are having issues with?

If I hit Shift-Z, the page zooms but still sticks to the bottom of the window.

It happens with every file.

Here’s a random one made in SU8:
Berben & Wolff Kegerator.layout (217.0 KB)

And another one made more recently:
Molding Cutter Pattern.layout (336.5 KB)

I’m not seeing that with your files in LayOut on PC.

Please correct your forum profile. It is very out of date.

yeah, I have that too, on mac only not PC, it’s been like that for some years, at least a couple, I don’t use layout enough for it to be an issue for me

zoom in is fine, zoom out will drop the white space at the bottom of the screen.

Really? I don’t see that at all on my machine with my files. That’s odd.

it’s big zooms. you can see it in the video, first is bottom, second not that much, third is.

I have a big screen and don’t need to massively zoom so it doesn’t bother me much, but yeah, it kinda drops.

Hmm, kind of, some times. Not as striking on mine because it’s not tight to the bottom, but I see sometimes that the vertical scroll bar is all the way to the top sort of like “Home” in a word processor scrolls to the beginning of the document.

Best solution for this problem for Mac users is to assign “zoom to page” to a mouse button. Zoom in where you need to go and when you want to go back to sheet view, hit the button and page is zoomed instantly.

BTW, I recently switched my work habit to using the zoom 50%/200% comman instead of the scroll wheel for zooming in part because that’s the way I work in PowerCADD already. By default in LO they’re just buttons on the window tool bar, but you can assign keyboard shortcuts. Unfortunately, unlike PC, this doesn’t work centered on you’re cursor location, but pan your center of interest to the center of the window and it works pretty well. Under certain circumstances, LO can get really laggy with the scroll wheel zoom and you can’t stop it or take it back. Hitting the key command a limited number of times is more responsive and controllable.