LayOut Zoom Extents Off the Page

First-time on here, so I apologize in advance if I did something incorrectly. In LayOut my ‘full screen’ for Zoom Extents has shifted halfway off the page at the bottom. Since this began happening out of nowhere I’m hoping this is a simple fix I’m just not figuring out. I’ve tried loading other LayOut models, rebooting the computer thinking it’s a monitor or display issues, and even reinstalled SketchUp and nothing changes on any model I bring up. When I go full-screen it pushes it down to the bottom and I need to zoom in and Pan to access the lower half of the Viewport.

Looks like you might need to select the viewport and drag the top edge down closer to the model. If that doesn’t sort you out, share the LayOut file so we can see exactly what is going on.

Thanks so much for the reply. As I was just looking into that I accidentally figured out what was wrong, and now I sure feel like an idiot!! I knew it was most likely something simple; for some reason I had LayOut minimized and not full-screen, but since it filled most of the page minimized I didn’t even notice. As soon as I made it full-screen again the Full Extents command snapped it right back to where it should be. Oh well, at least now I know!! And I also learned this will be a good pace to ask questions, thanks for getting back to me!

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