Adjusting "zoom page" size

Is there anyway to adjust the default sizing of zoom page or make a new zoom page command? There is too much background left around the page with zoom page. I have at least an inch of space all the way around the page that could be used to enlarge the page for better viewing. Thanks.

Can you show what it is you are seeing?

What paper size have you selected?

All the gray space around the page is wasted.

Ah… There’s no adjustment for that in the settings.

Many users, including myself use at least some of that space in our templates.

And no customization? Like making a new zoom command?

No. No customization of that.

I usually just zoom in with the scroll wheel and most of the time I’m not displaying the entire page on the screen.

Aren’t you one of the “Wizards” that builds Sketchup Extensions?

No. Why would you accuse me of that?

I think I have seen your forum picture on some of the extensions.

Unlikely since I’ve never written an extension in my life.

My mistake. I just turned 60 and I can feel the dementia coming on strong.

You’re getting confused by the hat.


Yeah. Who’s the guy that has the hat and does extensions?


Oh yeah. ThomThom. Thanks.

Ah. I see. Thom Thom doesn’t look much like a prairie dog, though.

I don’t know if the API for LayOut exposes the page zoom settings. @tt_su might be able to tell you that.

Except when I want to look at the page for overall composition I am generally working zoomed in on the page. Even if I’m working with a smaller paper size I’ve got the view zoomed in. I hardly ever use the Zoom drop down and just use the scroll wheel. But that’s just the way I do it.

I use shortcut all the time on zoom extents and zoom page. What do you personally do to use zoom in?

Scroll wheel on my mouse. Just like in SketchUp. Shift plus CMB for Pan, also like in SketchUp.

Okay. I really wanted a shortcut key to push and get the page size maxed out on the screen. Thanks.

Like I wrote, I don’t know if that is even possible. I guess if it is, someone might be able to write an extension for it. Personally I wouldn’t use it but maybe others would.