Page Numbers in Layout Do Not Correspond to Print Page Numbers

Can page numbers in LO be changed so they correspond with the print page numbers. The current example below.

I have to select the sequential page number shown on the default tray to make sure I print the correct page i.e : if I print page 6 as shown in the Default Tray it is actually page 3 in the print dialogue window.

Print dialogue box won’t allow the option to print current page either as shown below

Can you re-order your pages? I find it easier to look at in list view for that.

When I look at thumbnail view, I get no text. But in list view, the page order is automatic and is denoted by the first number, whatever the page may be called (and LO does default to Page 1, Page 2, etc).

It may be a Mac thing that I get no title in thumbnail view.

If I add a new page, it defaults to being called Page 3 but if I then re-order it, it looks like this (which is misleading):

Screenshot 2021-06-15 at 13.14.28

You can use autotext tags for page number and page name.
Check the details in the autotext, you can change how the number looks and at what number it starts.