Overlapping Tooltips

I have noticed that there are some overlapping tooltips while I am navigating the flyout tool selection.

Hello Dan…

Could you provide some screen shots for this? I can’t seem to find where you are referencing.

Thank you!

Select the SelectionTool.

Then select one of the other editing tool flyout menus. As soon as you click the flyout, the "last tool"from that set becomes active, …
… but say, you really wish to activate one of the other tools in the flyout set, so as you navigate the flyout buttons, there are overlapping tooltips, for the flyout buttons and whatever the active tool is at the time.

Yes, I can go to one of my other test machines and make some screenshots, but it will take awhile. (The WebGL app will not currently run on this old student grade notebook with pre-HD Intel graphics. It supports no better than OpenGL v2.1. So, I’m testing the WebGL app on other machines.)

So, this brings up an UI question.

Must we click the “flyout” to show the flyout buttons ? … or will it also flyout if we just hover for a bit ?