Tool Name Fly Outs

Many programs use fly outs to identify things like tools that can be used. I thought that I had seen fly outs that would appear when the cursor hovered over a tool icon in a much older version of SU. Has old-timers disease struck again?

I think it would be a very useful feature, especially for neophytes and with toolbar plugins, to have a fly out display the name of the tool the cursor rests over.

you should be seeing '‘Tooltips’ if you hover for long enough over most Toolbar Icons…

they may be missing for some ‘3rd party’ tools and there can be a slight delay before they appear…


They are called “tooltips”.

(“Flyouts” usually refer to flyout menus, which SketchUp does have on the “Getting Started” toolbar, for “Lines”, “Arcs” and “Shapes”.)

You may have switched them off. Check the “Show Screen Tips on toolbars” box via:
View (menu) > Toolbars… (dialog) > Options (panel):

Thanks, Dan!

I didn’t make the mental connection between the tips and toolbars. DOH!