Overhang shadows

hi everyone, my overhang shadows are behaving badly or is it something I have done?

Hard to be sure without having the model, but my first guess would be that the building is below the model’s z=0 plane and you haven’t turned off “cast shadows on ground”.

It’s something you have done. Most of your building is below the ground plane. Best would be to move the model up so it is sitting on the ground plane but you could also turn off On Ground in the Shadows panel.
Screenshot - 4_30_2021 , 8_08_47 AM

If you move your model up, select all (Command-A), get the Move tool grab the selection at a bottom corner and start moving it. Type [,,0] including the square brackets and the model will move up so the point you grabbed is at Z=0 or on the ground plane.

thank you for your reply but when i type [,0] its saying invalid length entered

Sorry. It’s supposed to be two commas. Evidently the forum software dropped one of them.

I fixed it.

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I think you need [,,0] - two commas not one. SketchUp always works in 3D so needs three coordinates separated by commas.

Edit: I see that display of the right input on this forum requires an escape else the formatter swallows one of the commas. @DaveR probably typed the right answer and the forum messed it up!

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:grinning: thank you both so much! This forum is excellent!!