Holla…I work in the film industry and don’t have the capacity/time to learn Sketchup.
I just bought the new iPhone w a Lidar scanner and using Polycam.
I would like someone to do the occasional small job for me where I send them the scan, they clean up the walls/edges and send me a clean copy that I can add to linkedin , OneDrive, desktop, etc. Also, I need a copy that my designer can use in Sketchup, CAD, Illustrator.
Currently, I have the ground floor of a 2500 ft sq house and two scans of a foundation that I wish to have meshed, cleaned up and given to me in the various file formats needed.
I started doing tutorials of sketchup this morning but I don’t need to know the program as my designer already does. I guess need the files for my own portfolio and to send to either her/him. Anyone help? What would be the rate for these simple tasks? and also Thanks in Advance…Hope you are getting more of a weekend than I am.

I changed the category to Commercial and Collaborative Work so the potential takers can find it more easily.

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Love this bit.


Even simple bits can be a lot of work…

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My experience with Scans suggests a huge amount of work to get something usable.


So no bites? Too much work? Or no one is doing this kind of work?

They’re doing it… Ray's SketchUp modeling with 3D Scanner

Well, there’s this:

For my work, I do my own hybrid of measure with a Leica Disto and model from the numbers plus Matchphoto. I don’t work off just scans. There are people who do, and it’s not cheap when done right.


RTcool is right, scans flood you with too much information… usually quicker to do a traditional site measure where you can focus in the essential details… also your 3d designer will have very specific information he needs captured… its important whoever tries to digitise your scan works closely with your designer to avoid redundant work

After looking at “Undet” software for 3d scans in Sketchup… might be more efficient / cost effective for your Sketchup designer to acquire that or similar software