Outliner - Deleting objects from within Outliner

I’m trying to make an imported Revit Model workable, it came in at 1,600,000kb!
I only need a portion of the model so thought that deleting objects in the Outliner list would work.
If I Erase items in Outliner are they completely deleted from the model? or do they go to a new ‘layer’ somewhere.
I’m trying to do this in Outliner as I can’t do anything with the model as it freezes whenever I touch it.
Or is there a better way to Purge/Remove portions of the model I don’t need?
I’m on 2020.

Before you do anything else, go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click Purge Unused. This will get rid of anything that isn’t actually used in the model.

It depends on what it is. If the entity is a group it will be gone. If it is a component, its definition is still held in the In Model components. Delete them from the model and then use Purge Unused in Statistics again. That will remove the unused component definitions and then remove any materials they might be using that aren’t also used elsewhere.

If your model is huge, it would be worth doing this in stages and save in between… I might try the first purge and then save to check the file size to see what impact that might have.

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I’ve worked on a model of about half that file size (800MB), but all drawn in SU, not imported

Three things made it usable. You may know this already though.

  1. Turning off all layers/tags you aren’t actively needing to see or which you need to work on
  2. Turning off the component browser window while opening the file, and especially not using a thumbnail view if you do have to open it
  3. (Probably not applicable in your case!) Not opening Outliner especially while opening the file.

Don’t know if you have any layers or tags in the file already though. That was the biggest help once the file is open.

thanks Dave, John
the first purge has it down to 220MB so it’s now usable
appreciate the help