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i have been playing around with outliner trying to get the hang of it and have created a number of different groups and i would like to start over and try something different. Is there away to erase/delete all outliner and start new?
once again thanks for all the great advice

Select all of the groups and delete them.

Outliner is just a text representation of the objects in the model space.

I assume that explodes them?

Why would you assume that? Deleting the groups eliminates them from the model. Exploding the groups would explode them. If all the objects in the model are exploded there’d be nothing showing in Outliner but the model would be full of loose geometry.

I thought that’s what the OP wanted–to eliminate the structure… to “erase/delete all outliner”. The way I read that was not the geometry. He/she said “created a number of different groups and I would like to start over.” This sounded like a grouping exercise to me and he just wanted clear out the groups. So I thought perhaps your reference to “delete” in the outliner meant explode. The dialog confused me–and still does–which is why I asked.

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As far as I can see the OP didn’t specify. He wrote that he wanted to start over.

Exploding the groups or deleting them looks the same in Outliner. Exploding most likely leaves a mess in the model space.

thanks for the advice. the goal was to start over in outliner to rename/regroup the objects in the model . Mission accomplished
thank u

I feel like the OP may be a little confused about what Outliner is or how to use it. Outliner should be thought of as a way to view or control what is happening in your model. It, itself is not actually the data in your model, but a way to see what is in your model…

Does that help or confuse?

There is no “starting over” in Outliner… Dave is trying to point out that you can clear Outliner by getting rid of all objects in your model… either erase them or
explode them all. That will give you an empty Outliner… but either option will leave you with an empty or useless model.


I did end up with an empty outliner which i thought would give me the solution i was looking for but as stated i was left with a useless model. Going to try to upload what i am working on to get some more advice. not sure how to do that but going to give it a shot

vanity cabinet.skp (154.8 KB)
pls have a look at this provide any feedback

Your model is full of objects (components and groups) along with some ungrouped geometry, dimensions, and labels.

Outliner reflects the objects in the model in text form. As has been written here, the only ways to empty Outliner are to either delete all of the objects or explode them to raw geometry.

What is it that you actually want to acheive in your model and in Outliner?

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just trying to learn how to become better with program so i can go on to designing an addition for my house. the dimensions and labels are on individual tags but the ungrouped geometry i dont know how to look at that and fix it. I have a number of models that i have created and none are done correctly i suspect and with this one i was just trying to get this correct so i can use it as a reference

First thing is to make sure you aren’t leaving ungrouped geometry. Get in the habit of creating a component or group before moving on to the next part. At this point in the model you shared, you could first make sure you’ve put a tag on all of the currently existing components/groups and then turn off their visibility to leave just the ungrouped geometry. Then you can decide what to do with that geometry. Make a group, component, delete it, etc.

Use Outliner to look at the relationship between objects in the model. For example, The component shown selected below contains the geometry for the part in a group. So the geometry is in a container in a container or double-wrapped. There’s no reason for that here.The extra level of nesting just makes it harder to access the geometry if you need to make a change to it.

What I see in your model shows a lack of consistency in the way you are creating the objects. I would suggest that you work on developing a consistent approach to your modeling to keep things simple and easy to work with.

Also keep in mind that all geometry should be untagged. Only components, groups, dimensions, and labels should be given tags. (You put tags on objects, not objects on tags) If you explode an object that has been given a tag, the contents of the object inherit the tag. If you explode a component or group to raw geometry the geometry will get the tag. If you have to explode an object, the very next step while the geometry is still selected should be to go to Entity Info and untag the geometry.

Screenshot - 1_19_2022 , 10_53_06 AM

Screenshot - 1_19_2022 , 10_53_30 AM

thank you for your response!