How do I completely clean out the file, while preserving my scenes, so I can minimize my file size?


I am working on a file that has been added to over about 2 years. Needless to say, the file has tons of materials and components that are no longer relevant. I am trying to reuse this file in order to keep the scenes that are already set up. I have already re-created the model in another file that I plan to copy into this original file.

I was able to do a big clean out using CleanUp3 and deleted materials, however, there are still many components showing in a blank model. Some of the components allow me to delete them one by one by right clicking, many of the components do not allow me to delete them whatsoever.

How can I clear out these components that are showing up in my file but are not being used?

Better yet, is there a way to copy scenes into a new file?

I appreciate your feedback!


Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused…

This removes all unused things:
First unused Component definitions - which might include otherwise unused Layers and Materials.
Next otherwise unused Layers.
Then otherwise unused Materials.
Also any unused Styles will go…

To make a model-copy file with its ‘scenes’ intact - that is otherwise empty…
Copy the model.
Ensure all layers and view > hidden geometry are both ON.
Edit > Select All… then Delete.
Repeat the Purge outlined above to clear everything that is unused from the model’s database.
Save the stripped-back model.
It now includes the scenes you desire but nothing else…


Thanks for the advice, Tig!

Cleaning out this file isn’t as simple as your instructions. I had followed your instructions to a tee but the layers and components are still in the model. I can delete the layers which should delete anything within the layers, I think, but it doesn’t look like the “purge unused” command works as well as your instructions imply.

I am still struggling with emptying out the components.


If you turn on all layers and make sure you haven’t got anything hidden, Ctrl+A will select everything in the model space. Hit Delete. THEN purge unused components and materials. Purging unused won’t eliminate components or materials that are still in the model space because they are still being used.


Thanks Dave, I did do that before your response just playing around with different ways to delete everything based on Tig’s suggestions. It worked! All clear now :smile:


Also take a look at CleanUp from ThomThom… it will get rid of things like hidden geometry and loose edges…


Hi Aaron, I’m way ahead of you. CleanUp was the first thing I tried but I still couldn’t clear out everything. I figured it out now, I think it was the hidden geometry that was messing me up.