File Clean Up

Hi! Starting a new project and I would like to have a clean slate of a file (memory and clutter wise) before I start work.

However, I would like to KEEP / USE the scenes and layers from previous projects. I did a save as of the original file and deleted eveything I could find… but there are still edges and faces that show up under model info. How can I find and get rid of these?
How can I import all my scenes and layers into a blank fresh file?

Thank you! (File is attached)hs_Empty Example.skp (1.5 MB)

You have a nested group with other groups inside that are hidden. If you turn on Hiiden Geometry in the View menu you will be able to see them. Or look at Outliner. The groups are locked so unlock them first and delete them.

After deleting.

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Ensure that View > Hidden-Geometry is ON
Ensure all Layers are ON in the Layers-Browser.
Delete anything you don’t want in the Model - unlocking them as required…
In the Components-Browser use the pop-out menu to Purge Unused.
In the Materials-Browser use the pop-out menu to Purge Unused.

Do it in that order to catch everything…

Now Model-Info > Statistics should show the remaining Layers and Styles.
In the Layers-Browser delete any unwanted entries.
In the Styles-Browser delete any unwanted entries.

The Scene tabs remain - delete any unwanted entries in the Scenes-Browser.

Save the model and reuse it as desired…
Perhaps make it a Template ?


TIG and DaveR - Grateful, thank you!