Outliner Bug Splat 2020 - Copy Multiple

I have been using Outliner for years to rename groups and components from their default name to name that make things easier to find in a model. The issues I’ve run it to in the last few updated have been some add-ons (like V Ray) don’t like outliner being open. With V Ray it creates really long save times.

But now SKU 2020 is pushing to use the outliner more in our work flow, which does not bother me. But the problems from the past have not been fixed, and In fact its worst.

Per the attached bug splat when I copy an item multiple times it crashes. This has happen several time now since I started using 2020, this was not a problem in pass versions. If I have to minimize outliner every time I think of doing multiple copy’s or while using V Ray it become really annoying and costly in terms of time lose. I hope there is a fix soon.

Yes pwharton, it is good to hear that you have been using Outliner for years in your workflow and I hope that you have been able to benefit from some of the other improvements.

We know that this crash is not good and we are working a solution.


Turns out there was a fix soon:



“This is a Windows only update to fix a frequent crash that occurred when performing an array or any variation of the array on a Component or Group that contained sub-objects with the Outliner open.”

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Thank you for the quick response and fix.
Much appreciated!