Outliner acts as strangely

After the selection outline tree closes …?https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/sketchup/original/3X/7/0/70a747df6c40b237f7ddb203c56e38d90edf44a1.mp4

It’s not Outliner that is behaving strangely. You have set in Model Info>Comnponent rest of model to be hidden when the component is open for editing. Untick those boxes and it’ll stop doing that.

Thanks DaveR but the proplem is not that the components are closed but that the outline tree closes. (i linked i picture)

How about posting your model so we can see it.

Katos.skp (2.0 MB)
thank you hope this is helpful

I’m looking at the SKP file you uploaded but I can’t find the components shown in your video and it appears to be a different file. I can’t reproduce the behavior you’re referring to either with my own model or the one you uploaded.

Oops, video & image 8 has the same design now
outline about the model acts as regardless strangely?

I’m not seeing that behavior at all. Is it possible you have some extension that is affecting this? could you try temporarily disabling the extensions, reopen SketchUp and try again?

The warning popup your picture shows isn’t standard (so far as I know), which suggests some extension you have installed is affecting the process.

Thank you very much DaveR :), I found the guilty

That is the “EditFlag” extension I wrote for CoastalConcepts (Ash Scott.) All it does is display that little WebDialog to warn of how many groups or components will be affected by the current edit.

Thanks, Dan - I wasn’t aware of that extension, so just flagged it. It appears that a different one was responsible for the problems.