Outliner closes in Sketchup 2018


I’m using sketchup 2018 pro with the cabinet sense plug in. In my model i have cabinets drawn with sub components in them. all components are dynamic components. In the outliner I select the cabinet then select a sub component the Outliner will close the expanded cabinet every time I select a componet.

What do I have wrong and how do I stop it?

That seems kind of odd. What happens if you select a component that isn’t dynamic?

When you installed SU2018, did you do it correctly? that is, did you right click on the downloaded installer exe and choose Run as Administrator from the Context menu? If you didn’t, or you don’t remember, I would suggest that you close SketchUp and try repairing the installation using Run as Administrator. Make sure you use your normal log in, though. Do not log into your computer as the system admin.

The Cabinet Sense extension is probably a red herring but you could try disabling it to see if the behavior is different. I’d start with the install first, though.

Did repaired my install and all is well now. thanks for the help

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