Outer edge profiles in rail and stile doors

I have the most frustrating time drawing outer profiles or reliefs on a rail and stile door. I’d like to be able to draw this and show the customer what my vision was for the door profiles, but Sketchup makes this a time-consuming and frustrating proposition to extrude these.

How do you go about drawing an outer edge profile on the door sides while maintaining the integrity of the faces on the inside faces?

Can you attach a model with a sample of what you are trying to do.
A stile that you want to add a profile too, and the profile you want to add.

Sure! Here is an attachment model with some of the pieces and parts.

RailsAndStilesOuterProfile.skp (65.2 KB)

This is failing because the rounds do not match. You are interfacing a 12 sided 1/4" radius round with about 10 and 1/2 faces of a 12 sided 5/16" round. The facet lines do not match up, and make all sorts of jagged and tiny edges.

One method of modeling features like this is to use 1/2 of a profile and employ the follow me tool to extrude that around the entire face at once.


Understand that the inside face of the rail and stile is not the same radius as the outside face that goes around the face of the door. The inside is about 5/16" (actually probably closer to 11/32 but I’m not trying to be that fine) and the outside is a 1/4" hence the reason for the jagged little edges. I should be able to model what I can actually cut in real life.

Is the answer to re-draw the inside and outside radius’ cove faces with more sides? How else does one have 2 perpendicular faces each with a different radius meet and extrude?

PS please ignore the mating cove piece of the rail; I had not fixed that radius when I posted that. It should also be 5/16" like the face on the stile.

It is possible to do it but not at the small size due to the tiny face issue. I did it using “The Dave Method” without any trouble. I used Follow Me to radius the outside and the top end. For the inner radius I use Ctrl+Push/Pull and ran the radius a little way off the end. Then an Intersect Faces and erase the waste.

RailsAndStilesOuterProfile dr.skp (79.1 KB)

Hey @DaveR thanks for the reply and sorry for the lateness in mine; last week life took a front seat to designing! I’ve followed your blog on Fine Woodworking for a while and have the Advanced Techniques DVD from Taunton and highly respect your opinion here.

I tried the “Dave Method” and maybe not quite in the right way. Should I have used the most amount of faces that I can with that radius? Also I started the Stile from a single face then used Push/Pull to pull the Stile to the length I needed so it started with the inside face that holds the panel as well as the outside roundover. Then I tried to apply the outside roundover to the top and bottom by using Push/Pull and trying to cut it out of the top and bottom. And it seemed when I tried to scale up before pulling the extrusion through didn’t help. I’ll try it in a bit of a different order and use ctrl+Push/Pull and see if that cuts the extrusion better.

Cutting the negative face in the rail is also going to be entertaining!


Thank you very much.

I used Follow Me since the outer roundover needs to carry around to the end. That meant no cleanup required for that part. You might try that.

Since your original had a flat bottom end I made the stile the same way. Then I copied the geometry down and flipped it in the blue direction before joining it to my original. And for the rails I let the stiles cope the ends using Bool Tools 2.

Best wishes.


Here’s the finished door frame.

At this point it can be made any size you want without having to recut any of the joinery.

I ran follow me with the 1/4" radius around the 3 outer edges with no problem. When trying to use ctrl+Push/Pull, run the geometry off of the end for the inner radius and dado for the panel, then intersect faces I get an awful mess when cleaning up the geometry.

The entire inner radius face disappears! I’ve been putzing around with this for 2 hours and I’m too tired to mess with it further tonight!!

PS BoolTools looks interesting, might spring for the free trial and see where I get.